Online Security.


60% of the world actively uses the internet. This number is growing every day as an average of 900,000 new users join the internet.  92.8% of internet users access the internet on a mobile phone most of the time. Computers account for the rest of the numbers. Are all these billions of people safe online?

cms africa academy

The CMS Africa Academy offers affordable basic and advanced tech courses to post-high school graduates. We are raising a new generation of brilliant young people who want to be software engineers and web stack developers. We create highly motivated students to excel in the IT world.

online business.

Our mission at CMS Africa is to help African businesses take advantage of the latest technologies to advance their business. We help small and medium enterprises to grow by equipping the owners with digital skills. We provide free and premium business tools and marketing materials.

cms africa events

Tech Talks – At CMS Africa, we organize local and virtual events for tech talk. Leading tech figures share invaluable insight on various topics. Come and acquire valuable digital skills from these meets. 

DFA CMS Africa, together with our tech partners, invites developers all over Africa to contribute and develop popular CMSes. DFA participants work to improve the security, scalability, and performance of CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Typo3, and many more.

CMS Africa SummitCMS Africa is a premier African event that rotates around African cities. It has been held in Kampala (Uganda), Abuja (Nigeria), Kigali (Rwanda), Nairobi (Kenya), and Cape Town (South Africa). 

At CMS Africa, we care about how websites run. Websites that run on many CMSes that we love such as WordPress, Joomla! Drupal, Typo3 and other custom CMSes have a challenge when it comes to Social UX media, high reach, high engagement, and loyalty.

there is a lot of beauty in ordinary things,

isn’t that kind of the point?

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