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Jay Walemba: How to Make Your CVs Standout

Jairus (Jay) is the founder and CEO of Jairus Service (Jay CVS), a company that improves job seekers’ chances of finding employment, provides training, outsources HR Services, talent attraction, and placement to different organizations, with a focus on CV Makeover and youth employability. He has more than four years of experience teaching courses on mentorship, entrepreneurship, and personal branding. He has so far assisted in teaching local universities how to write resumes, cover letters, and job applications. He also mentors high schools such as Maryhill Girls and has also partnered with Afrika Transition Hub and Corporate Career Academy in the Vuka Employability Program.

Sheila Toya: 7 Lessons in 20 Years of Business

Sheila Toya is a transformational life coach, certified NLP Practioner and mental health coach. She is the author of ‘Finding The True You’ – a simple guide to self-discovery and living a fulfilled life.

Sheila is also a business consultant who supports individuals to develop behaviors of success, live out their purpose as they purpose their personal development and self-mastery goals. Her mission is to help people find their authentic selves and live fulfilling lives.

Felix Ochuoga: Less Ego, More Wealth//Simplified Investment Packages

Join us as we get deep insights on how to create wealth with Felix Ochouga, the founder of Adonis Capital –

We talk about Golf, starting to invest simply and understanding real estate investment.

Grab your notepad and listen in!

Erick Forester: SEO Marketing// Less is More

Erick Forester is a brand-focused corporate headshot portrait photographer based in Nairobi, Kenya. He has been able to use SEO marketing and the internet to capture images for global brands like Forbes Japan, Djurens Rätt, and General Electric (GE).

His life’s mission is “Express to Impress,” which he does with ease in his photography. His interests are in music, travel, and art design.

Erick’s Website:

Clarence Muhoro: Where To Invest Your Money

Clarence Muhoro is the founder of Young Investor Africa and F1 Space.
His vision is to guide young people to create wealth and be financially free. Join us as we speak with Clarence Muhoro about how to invest and run online businesses.


Grace Kimama: The Psychology of Money and Business

Grace Kimama is a Business Development Specialist with a keen eye for Business Psychology. She has more than 8 years of experience in business development, working with more than 14 organizations. Grace loves outdoor excursions, outdoor games, and singing–and she’s always up for learning new things. She has successfully built and established residual revenue streams for various mid-sized and large companies in diverse industries such as financial services, banking, human resources, Fintech and social enterprises.

In this podcast we talk about business development, psychology and the value of an intrapreneur v entrepreneur.

Sean Karanja: Creating Sustainable Entrepreneurship through high value Skillsets

Our first episode with Sean Karanja an EdTech entrepreneur, Business consultant and Co-host at the boardroom banter podcast where he speaks to us about his journey in business, Finance and investment.

Sean’s deep interests in business have seen him take part in the Draper University Summer entrepreneurship boot camp in Silicon Valley in 2016 and hence his journey into the entrepreneurship, blockchain and forex world.

We talk about finance discipline, entrepreneurship habits, having an investment portfolio and building high value skillsets

Sean’s handles:
Instagram: @SeanKaranja

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