Our mission at CMS Africa is to help African businesses take advantage of the latest technologies to advance their business. We help small and medium enterprises to grow by equipping the owners with digital skills. We provide free and premium business tools and marketing materials.

business tools

We have a selection of free business tools that you can leverage and stand out in the competition. This package will help you prepare and reach your business goals.

marketing solutions.

Think of CMS Africa as a full service agency but a  non-profit  SMEs with digital marketing, social media strategy, and branding. We help SMEs develop the perfect marketing solutions  to meet their needs and budget.

We know how difficult it can be to find the right solutions for your business so we’ve made it our mission to provide the small businesses with the best possible customer experience from start to finish.

digital skills training

CMS Africa, we help SMES with digital skills training. Our short courses and short time seminars are designed to teach the latest in digital tools and techniques, so that SMEs can stay competitive in an ever-changing marketplace. Whether it is a SME just starting out or have been doing this for years, we have something to offer everyone.

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